2018-02-16 • UberGewei • (FYBO News)

Time for Lesion2.
These 7 maps were forged by Cybershark.
Anyone familiar with Cybersharks' maps knows that
there is almost always a theme attached to them.
That can also be seen in these maps. Let's give them a go this Sunday!

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2018-02-11 • UberGewei • (FYBO News)

Back in 2006, Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen released this wad.
10 maps designed for mouselook\jump play, initially designed for 1 on 1 gameplay and "maybe 4 player FFA's".
Which should make this session a more cozy one.

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FYBO #326 - IDDQD1

2018-01-31 • UberGewei • (FYBO News)

So there we go, an oldie from the IDDQD clan. IDDQD1,
Let's see how these 32 maps do in an online match.

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FYBO #325 - Cybercrime 3.0

2018-01-25 • UberGewei • (FYBO News)

Let's start off with Cybercrime3, by DarkLinux! 10 maps with a unique design.
Let's send our bullets and projectiles flying.

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FYBO #324 - Alive and kicking!

2017-05-10 • UberGewei • (FYBO News)


Due to circumstances, I did not have time to organize FYBO.
But it's back! We're going to start off with Marswar!
Marswar is a set of 32 DOOM II Deathmatch-only levels.

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