Oceania Tournaments are back in action
2018-03-17 • AF-Domains • (Oceanian Tournaments)

Rygrass has volunteered to administrate the tournaments in this region.

Congratulations, welcome and good luck.


ZDS #550 - OBLIGE'd Instagib Part II

2018-03-15 • Krawa • (ZDS News)

Greetings ZDaemon Sessions Instagib Deathmatch People,
This weekend it's time to play the second part of random generated maps by OBLIGE Level Maker 7.666.
We will play Instagib FFA with improvements to unlagged from 1.10 point 01 release!

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Date: Saturday 17th March 2018
Time: 19:30 GMT


ZDaemon 1.10.01 has been released (Server Release)

2018-03-15 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)

2018-03-15: ZDaemon 1.10.01 has been released (and will automatically be installed for you by the ZLauncher).

This is a server-only update.

1. Point 01 release (2018-03-15)
1. Significant improvements to unlagged; hitting in online mode should
now be exactly the same as in SP mode even in very high ping
situations; furthermore, there should be far fewer "dropped shots".


TNS #344 - Jenesis (Part II)

2018-03-14 • Evolution • (TNS News)

Date: Thursday 15th March 2018
Euro session: 19:00 GMT

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If you STILL haven't had the chance to play through Jenesis yet then you are STILL missing out. Continuing on last week's fun, this 2011 megawad offers old school gameplay with very fresh scenery and excellent build quality. We'll be attempting a clear run of the second part so things will be bloodier than last week. It's another one not to miss.


Euro Old School Tournament March 2018 - dmc2 map06

2018-03-11 • Evolution • (European Tournaments)

Competitive play makes a return following the release of ZDaemon 1.10, starting with a simple yet intense SSG fest that gives you the apportunity to assert aiming and reactionary dominance against your mates.

Read the full details in the Forums
Sign up Link : http://tournaments.zdaemon.org

Good luck!!!