Tourneys are back!
2017-03-19 • Madgunner • (Blogs - Madgunner)

Alright, it's been quite a while but tourneys are finally back on! Veteran doomers Cecil, Souler, Demolition, and Caboose are sponsoring two monthly tourneys that are about to begin, and they'll both have cash prizes for the winners! Both tourneys for this month will take place on D5M1. One will be a duel tourney, and the other will be a two player team deathmatch tourney. Both of these competitions will take place on American servers, however players of all nationalities are welcome to participate. If you're interested in signing up, check out this thread on the ZDaemon forums, or hit us up in #competitive on ZDIRC.


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ZCL Rides Again

2014-01-10 • Madgunner • (Blogs - Madgunner)

Hello folks, signups for ZCL season 2 are now open! For this season we have decided to combine the American and European divisions into one division. Other then that, the format of the league will remain the same barring a few minor changes. If you enjoy CTF and are interested in taking it to the next level, then be sure to sign up. See you on the battlefield!

For more information on ZCL season 2 check out the official announcement thread at, visit our website at

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Zdaemon CTF League American Draft

2013-05-23 • Madgunner • (Blogs - Madgunner)

Hello folks, I am pleased to announce that tomorrow (5/23) at approximately 5 PM EST we will begin the American portion of the ZCL draft. During this process, captains will select the rest of their teammates for ZDaemon CTF League. It's going to be a lot of fun and we'll probably play some CTF afterwards!

The draft will be streamed live at

Hope to see you all there!

(For more information about ZDaemon CTF League, visit our website at or join us on IRC in #ZCL.)...

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ZCL2013 Official Trailer & Sign ups still open

2013-05-14 • Madgunner • (Blogs - Madgunner)

Hello everyone, I am proud to present to you the official trailer for ZDaemon CTF League 2013. Here it is in all its glory:

Special thanks to Ch0wW for making this kick ass trailer!

If you have not signed up yet, there are still have plenty of openings in both the European and American divisions, but you must do it very quickly as sign ups will be closing at the end of Friday the 17th. To sign up, visit our official website at and create an account. Be sure to keep up with ZCL events and announcements by visiting us on the ...

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ZDaemon Duelers League openings

2012-11-23 • Madgunner • (Blogs - Madgunner)

The ZDaemon Duelers League is currently in need of two tier 4 players and one tier 3 player who can serve as replacements for dropped players. What we are looking for is beginner to novice players who are active and intend to play all of their matches in a timely fashion. ZDL is heading into week five which means that the replacement players will have to play their games quickly in order to catch up. If you have what it takes, then please contact Madgunner or [dp]Evolution in room #zdl for a try out. Don't know what ZDL is? Check out our website at