ZDS #555 - Oceania CTF
2018-04-19 • Krawa • (ZDS News)

Hello ZDaemon Sessions Capture the Flag People,
This weekend we will play Capture the Flag on the Oceanic CTF project: OCMP.
The maps are clear and not too big. So they fit perfect for ZDS!
So don't miss the fun!

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Date: Saturday 21st April 2018
Time: 19:30 BST


TNS #349 - Gridlock (Part I)

2018-04-19 • Keyboard_Doomer • (TNS News)

Date: Thursday 19th April 2018
Euro session: 19:00 BST

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Gridlock is a community project where each vertex in a map must be placed on the 64 units grid. This might not mean much to you if you're not a mapper yourself but the rule was there to force mappers to be more creative with their map design and it's not a limitation to the gameplay. See you there!


:: When mappers go old school ::

2018-04-17 • Oxyde • (Blogs - Oxyde)

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:: It's happening ::

2018-04-16 • Oxyde • (Blogs - Oxyde)


FYBO #336 - Unidoom DM 2

2018-04-15 • UberGewei • (FYBO News)


Clan UniDooM's second deathmatch pack from 2003 deserves a run this Sunday.
Unidoom DM 2 contains twelve action packed dm maps.
Come and join the blood feast!

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